We currently have two main usecase for a merge conflict resolution UI:

Until recently the only way to solve a conflict was to make choices for an entire document and to choose either the previous, current or next version for it.
However those choices are really coarse grained, and we push with the capability to make choices for a specific conflict. 

Now the question remains, how to allow users to make their choices in terms of UI, knowing that now 4 choices are possible:
  - previous
  - current
  - next
  - custom

where custom is a value typed by the user when fixing the conflict.

Decision to take / Open questions

  1. Do we want to always display the whole diff in those merging conflict UI, or should we only display the conflicts area?
  2. How do we handle conflicts that occurred on multiple lines?


Version 1


Created by Simon Urli on 2019/08/13 15:23

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