The Problem

Currently if you want to know as a simple user:

  • the syntax of a page
  • whether the page is hidden or not
  • the page original language
  • the missing page translations

you need to edit the page in Wiki or WYSIWYG edit mode and look at the edit panels. This means that:

  • you need to have edit right on the page to get this information
  • if the default edit mode for the page is In-line Form then you need to configure your user profile to be an advanced user before being able to access the Wiki / WYSIWYG edit mode.

This is too restrictive. I don't see any reason why this information should not be available on the page Information tab since this tab is designed precisely for this.

Moreover, in the context of in-place editing, we should be able to edit this information (provided you have edit right) directly from the Information tab. Note that all the other tabs are modifying the current page, so this is not unusual.


  • Multilingual Off
    • For a technical page show that it has no locale
    • Show the locale for the original page (e.g. when the wiki language matches the page original locale)
    • Show both the locale and the original locale for a page translation (e.g. when the wiki language doesn't match the page original locale)
  • Multilingual On
    • No difference for a technical page
    • For the original page:
      • Show the list of existing and missing translations with links (from the list of configured supported locales)
      • Allow to edit the (original) locale
      • Missing translations have a link to create them
    • For a page translation:
      • show the list of other (existing and missing) translations
      • cannot change the original locale directly (you need to access the original locale with the provided link)



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