• Closed XWIKI-6665 Saving edits after lock expiration doesn't warn the user that the page may be stale
  • Closed XWIKI-175 Merge on Save
  • Closed XWIKI-3585 Saving a modification with a lost page lock should warn the user.
  • Closed XWIKI-16299 Conflict window prevent creating a new translation
  • Closed XWIKI-16249 Warning conflict in first edition of the profile
  • Closed XWIKI-16302 Display a saving message when doing save&view and disable immediately the editor
  • Closed XWIKI-16353 Can't save the page anymore after a server restart
  • Open XWIKI-16211 Users can overwrite existing attachments without being aware of it
  • Closed XWIKI-16343 Save conflict warning shown after using the browser's Back button
  • Closed XWIKI-16346 Improve warning conflict to show diff and force save or reload editor to latest version


11.2RC1 added a new feature: Edit Conflict

Ideally, instead of just a warning the merge would be done automatically or at least Conflict Resolution modal would appear to resolve the overlapping.

This page's purpose is to gather feedback for the addition of this feature and to gather proposals for improvements.


UC: Always be able to save the user's content. Don't force the user to manually copy & paste his content or discard his content.
UC: If the user needs to copy his content, provide an easy way to do it.
UC: Allow dismissal/cancel of the modal.
UC: Showcase the changes between versions (both ways).
UC: Notify the user if there are changes (content, attachments, objects) on the page's version.

Things to consider: 

  • content vs. attachments vs. objects
  • timeouts vs. restarts vs. browser/user sessions vs. back 

Older iterations

Other ideas





XWIKI-175 Merge on Save
  • Select options closer to the Save button, keeping context
  • User first sees the conflict in order to reach a conclusion


Var 1

Var 2

Var 3 (with scrollbar)

Var 4 (no scrollbar)


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2019/04/17 15:49

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