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3 3  ** [[XWIKI-5401>>]]: Have a consistent naming for page/document
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UX: Homepage
UX: User Experience - investigations about user's behaviour
UX: Usability - does the user have problems accomplishing his tasks?
UX: Consistency - are elements that define/break the interface consistency?
UX: Standards - rules that standardise the interface elements
UX: Accessibility - are there accessibility problems users are facing while using the product?

  • Related issues [Filter]:
    • XWIKI-5401: Have a consistent naming for page/document
    • XWIKI-6675: Inconsistencies in the use of the terms "Add" versus "Create"
    • XWIKI-6288: Inconsistency in the use of the word "Save" versus "Update" as submit values in different sections
    • XSCOLIBRI-171: Cursor Consistency

Consistency issues

  • Standardize: Icon Usage (one icon should represent just one type of action)
  • Standardize: Button Usage - add Primary/Secondary Actions? + spacing/shape/size/alignment for form elements
  • Standardize: Forms
    • Create Space / Create Page / Copy Page / Rename Page¬†
    • Administration forms
  • Consistency Notifications vs. Message Boxes vs. Pop-ups (when to use which)
  • Consistency Action representation (use icon+link vs text+link) (Quick links - edit this panel text link vs. edit icon)
    • links with icons: link just the containing text, not also the icon (bad ex. Dashboard: "Show minor edits", "RSS feed")
  • Consistency Labels Naming (AllDocs, have a common vocabulary for actions, etc)
  • Consistent typography: use of italic, use of bold, font-size
    • usage of bold text for assuring emphasis on actions + show active states (livetable pagination)
    • secondary links size: (standardize font-size + color) ex. Dashboard: "See modifications"; Annotation: "Refine the display criteria", Panel: "Edit this panel", Tags: "comma separated tags", Attachments author, Comments author, etc.


  • Polish on User Profile (remove first-letter capslock; use/add secondaryBackgroundColor ), Invitation Manager, Templates,¬†
  • Rename "Information" tab to "Related Pages"
  • Date format improvements: 3 minutes ago; 31 Jan 2010, etc. (standardize)

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