Usability Scenario #5

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Period: January 2018
Interviewees:  3 members of the community (1 extended interview) + survey
Version: XWiki 9.11.1
Feature: Multiple
Type: Tasks


The purpose was to create a list of tasks expected by the XWiki users to be achievable with XWiki product. The tasks will be further tested, measured and improved. 

The tasks span over a series of features. The tasks can be rated by user need importance (Mandatory, Optional, Not needed), and we cover 3 types of users (Admin, Registered User and Guest). The tasks can be also rated by implementation priority (Must have, Nice to have, Not that important). Each tasks, after tested with the user, will be marked as (Success, Partial or Fail).


If you want to participate and send you tests status and improvements suggestions you can take the survey:

Further improvements

  • Extend the list of tested tasks by adding other relevant tasks
  • Collect multiple opinions on the (Admin, User, Guest) usage for tasks
  • Collect multiple opinions on the implementation priority (Must have, Nice to have, Not important) for tasks
  • Run the tasks with multiple users
    • Run using only User privileges, not Admin
  • Prioritize the findings


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