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141 141  * term Extension does not refer only to typical XWiki extensions that contain [email protected] or XWiki pages but generally all JARs, that can be later used e.g. in groovy script. Typical XWiki extension usually depend on some external JAR that need to be downloaded from Maven Central or JCenter
142 142  * for the future I would be definitely useful to extend Extension Repository UI with an option to choose the repository from which we want to search extensions (e.g. search in Bintray JCenter, search in ect.)
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145 145  == Update 13.06.2017 ==
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195 195   jcenter:bintray-maven:http:~/~/
196 196   and the last two path segments will be parsed as :subject and :repo for usage in REST API calls
197 197  * accoring to this in my bintray-maven connector I will implement from scratch only searching and other stuff will be done using maven (aether) connector from xwiki-commons
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199 199  )))
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199 +== Update 14.06.2017 ==
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202 +Discussion on riot summary
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204 +* when DefaultExtensionRepositoryManager is initialized and ConfigurationExtensionRepositorySource is used to add ExtensionRepositories basing on configuration in - components from extensions are not yet loaded. So BintrayMavenExtensionRepository currently cannot be configured in the same way as other repositories e.g. **extension.repositories=maven:xwiki:http:~/~/**
205 +* for the current moment configuration of connection to bintray maven repositories will be done by **custom** properties in How will they look like - it'll be announced
206 +* **bintray-repository** extension will contain JCenterBintrayRepositorySource which will be automatically processed on installment of extension (it'll be possible after fix of Thomas Mortagne in xwiki-commons - creating listener to ComponentAddEvent for role ExtensionRepositorySource). That means installment of bintray-repository extension by default will add JCenter Extension Repository. Probably it will be set up to specify special property in to disable connection to JCenter

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