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120 120  ** GET /api/search/prop?[p1=v1,v2][&p2=v3][&repos=x[,y]]
121 121  ** to each uploaded package (to specific version or generally package as set of all versions) - you can specify in artifactory custom properties in form of Name:value and so you can later search packages according to those properties
122 122  
123 -
124 124  Bintray provides searching facilities only by name and/or description
125 125  
126 126  * GET /search/packages[?name=:name&desc=:desc]
127 127  * but those name and description are not imported from uploaded pom, but are inserted manually whilst uploading each package to Bintray
128 128  
129 -
130 130  === Questions: ===
131 131  
132 132  * Is it important to provide searching in ArtifactoryRepositoryManager and BintrayRepositoryManager? If so how to design it's logic using described above Artifactory/Bintray api?
133 133  * How to cope with the fact, that artifactory/bintray repo may contain also other artifacts apart from Xwiki Extension. (In maven connection is not the problem - since maven does not expose searching feature and to download extension you need to specify its full id)\\
134 134  ** Possible solution is that: on Artifactory/Bintray you may have plenty different, logically different maven repos. So prerequisite for connecting Artifactory/Bintray will be providing url to repo containing only xwiki valid extensions.
133 +
134 +(((
135 +== Update 12.06.2017 ==
136 +
137 +=== Summary of mail discussion 2 ===
138 +
139 +* at the moment we don't bother about Artifactory integration - it's less needed
140 +* I implement Bintray Connector as RepositoryManager and as Serchable (using this simply but sufficient searching options)
141 +* term Extension does not refer only to typical XWiki extensions that contain [email protected] or XWiki pages but generally all JARs, that can be later used e.g. in groovy script. Typical XWiki extension usually depend on some external JAR that need to be downloaded from Maven Central or JCenter
142 +* for the future I would be definitely useful to extend Extension Repository UI with an option to choose the repository from which we want to search extensions (e.g. search in Bintray JCenter, search in Extensions.org ect.)
143 +
144 +
145 +== Update 13.06.2017 ==
146 +
147 +
148 +=== Investigation report 3 ===
149 +
150 +It turns out that bintray is only SAS software - you cannot download it and run on private server. The consequence is that - there's common api URL for all accounts on bintray, that is:
151 +
152 +* dl.bintray.com - for dowloading packages
153 +* api.bintray.com - for all other rest calls
154 +
155 +(((
156 +(Yes - the same api has different url for different things - cool - isn't it?)
157 +)))
158 +
159 +In documentation terminology - different bintray instances (accounts) are called :**subject** and different repositories on bintray instance (account) are called :**repo
160 +**Example:
161 +
162 +* the "jcenter" is a maven repository (:**repo**) running on Bintray instance called "bintray" (:subject)
163 +* according to rest api documentation if you want to download package via rest api you call following URL:
164 + GET [[https:~~/~~/dl.bintray.com/:subject/:repo/:file_path
165 + s>>url:https://dl.bintray.com/:subject/:repo/:file_pathso]]o in case of JCenter and the newest version guava library it'd be:
166 + GET [[https:~~/~~/dl.bintray.com/bintray/jcenter/com/google/guava/guava/22.0/guava-22.0.jar>>url:https://dl.bintray.com/bintray/jcenter/com/google/guava/guava/22.0/guava-22.0.jar]]
167 +* if you want to search a package via rest api:
168 +GET /search/packages[?name=:name&desc=:desc&subject=:subject&repo=:repo]
169 +(look! you do not need to specify nor :subject nor :repo and if they are absent searching goes through all public instances and repos on whole bintray SAS)
170 +in case we want to look for guava package in JCenter the call would be
171 +[[https:~~/~~/api.bintray.com/search/packages?name=guava&subject=bintray&repo=jcenter>>url:https://api.bintray.com/search/packages?name=guava&subject=bintray&repo=jcenter]]
172 +
173 +More over some REST API paths require authentication - like e.g. downloading (probably due to ddos protection). So to be able to download anything via REST you need to have an account on bintray.com (even a free one) and put Basic Auth Credentials in http requests.
174 +Look! We are still talking about accessing Bintray instance (account) that may have different repos (maven, npm, rpm, ...) via common rest api. Still we can access each of those repos directly in their native way. E.g. JCenter is a valid maven repo and we can connect it with maven client and without any authentication download packages.
175 +\\URL template for native connection with repos is dl.bintray.com/:subject/:repo
176 +E.g.
177 +
178 +
179 +* url for maven connection with my private bintray account is: [[http:~~/~~/dl.bintray.com/cristof/xwiki-test>>url:http://dl.bintray.com/cristof/xwiki-test||style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"]]
180 +* URL for JCenter maven connection due to it's popular has special one: [[http:~~/~~/jcenter.bintray.com>>url:http://jcenter.bintray.com/||style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"]] but [[http:~~/~~/dl.bintray.com/bintray/jcenter>>url:http://dl.bintray.com/bintray/jcenter||style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"]] works as well (tested)
181 +
182 +=== Summary and reasonings ===
183 +
184 +* configuring bintray repository connection in xwiki.properties in the same format as other are enabled would not be intuitive e.g.
185 + extension.repositories=maven-xwiki:maven:http:~/~/nexus.xwiki.org/nexus/content/groups/public
186 + since Bintray is only SAS software - there's always the same url, and moreover there are different paths for different operations (see above)
187 +* the only thing to configure are the **:subject** and **:repo** which we want to connect and potentially the type of repo e.g. maven
188 +* this authentication in downloading via REST imho is a bit of nuisance - it's better to skip it using native connection to each type of repo (which does not require auth) and rest connection only for searching (which is not authorized)
189 +
190 +=== Proposal ===
191 +
192 +* the proposal is to not introduce 'bintray' general connector but different connectors with particular type of repos that can be hosted on bintray e.g. 'bintray-maven', 'bintray-npm' and so. In this way we will utilize native connector for downloading and Bintray Rest API for searching
193 +* all those connectors will be packed together in one extension
194 +* to preserve current xwiki.properties configuration syntax, the config of bintray connection would look like following:
195 + jcenter:bintray-maven:http:~/~/dl.bintray.com/bintray/jcenter
196 + and the last two path segments will be parsed as :subject and :repo for usage in REST API calls
197 +* accoring to this in my bintray-maven connector I will implement from scratch only searching and other stuff will be done using maven (aether) connector from xwiki-commons
198 +
199 +)))

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