A reflection on how to deal with flavors in the Distribution Wizard and specifically how to upgrade them.


Some tough on DW flavor step which is supposed to replace the current default UI step:

  • step vm name: distribution/extension.flavor
  • trigger:
    #if (there is a valid step installed)
      disable the step
      enable the step
  • runtime:
      $currentflavor = search flavor
      #if (!$currentflavor)
        #if (old XE UI, or some other extension part of a configurable list is installed)
          $currentflavor = the installed UI extension
          #if (!empty)
            repair ?
            $currentflavor = repaired UI extension

      #if ($currentflavor)
        #if ($currentflavor is explicitely tagged as flavor)
          search new version of the flavor
          #if (the flavor is invalid and no valid version could be found)
            choose new flavor
          choose new flavor

Constraints for flavors:

  • they should probably declare old XE/XEM ids as feature so that they replace it properly during an upgrade


Choose a new flavor

Some like the right part of CreateWorkspace.png . Make this a reusable selector since we'll need it in wiki creation wizard too.


Created by Thomas Mortagne on 2015/03/04 16:28

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