Proposal: Add menu location for Flamingo Skin

Last modified by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2020/01/28 14:36



Var 1 (Current)


delete Global actions mixed with Content actions (Add between Edit and More actions)
delete Prominent Search in the navbar

add/delete Actions grouped a bit (Add, Edit, More), still missing (Copy, Move, Delete)

Var 2


add Separating global actions from content actions ('Add' in the global menu)
delete Prominent Search in the navbar + unaligned with anything
delete 'Add' button style not integrated with .navbar styling

Var 3


add Separating global actions from content actions ('Add' in the global menu)
add 'Search' is integrated with .navbar styling
add 'Add' button style is integrated with .navbar styling
add Well known actions are represented with icons, while we provide text only for user generated entities (Wiki/Space/Page/User names)
add Using .separator to delimit icons also defines a clear area to click on when using mobile phones

3.1 - Interaction


  • Default action as 'Add Page'
  • Also changed the order to 'Page - Space - Wiki'

3.2 - Interaction


  • Clicking on the 'Search' icon will expand the icon to an input + button, see interaction
  • Lower intensity for 'Search' styling

3.3 - Interaction


  • Localisation needs to be clicked in order to see the current language, represented as menu

3.4 - Extended


add The right menu is easily extensible with other functionality icons (like Messages or Notifications)
add Search should be placed the first item in the right list


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2014/10/02 17:09

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