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  • Open XWIKI-9089 Implement bulk actions on livetable items
  • Closed XWIKI-15787 Create a job to delete all from the recycle bin


We need to add a way to allow permanently deleting all pages that are already in the recycle bin.

I assume that we need to put a button for that in the Application Index, on the dongle "Deleted pages".


For now I have 4 propositions with variants:

  A. A simple button

  B. A simple button to activate with a checkbox

  C. A simple button and a modal to confirm

  D. A generic solution for bulk actions on livetable, with a modal to confirm

The variants are mainly on the place of the button (left/right, top/bottom).

A. Simple danger button

This solution is the easiest and consist in adding a simple button before or after the livetable with a "danger button" CSS.

It's also the most dangerous as an user might accidentally click on it.


B. Danger button to enable with a checkbox

In order to prevent accidental clicks of the first solution, maybe a more desirable solution would be to only enable the button if a checkbox is previously checked.

The couple checkbox + button could be added after or before the livetable. I don't really know how to make this solution looks "nice" however.

C. Danger button that needs to be confirmed in a modal

The last solution I suggest is to only put a danger button in the page (before or after the livetable), but to not apply directly the action when the user clicks on it.

On the contrary, with this solution we would open a modal asking confirmation to the user and telling him back the number of pages that will be deleted permanently.


The following gallery presents two variants for the place of the button that we call C1 and C2.

D. Generic bulk actions on livetable items

This solution is a more generic one and would allow to do generic actions on some or all items of a livetable.

The idea is to put a checkbox in front of each entry of the livetable, and to put a supplementary line at the top of the livetable to select a generic action.

The action would open a modal before its execution as it might impact several entries.

Consider that this solution would involve lot more of time to be properly achieved.

The JIRA ticket already exists:


Created by Simon Urli on 2018/10/29 12:21

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