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  • Currently when landing in the Administration you see a summary of the categories.
    This proposal aims to create an About/Summary section inside the Administration (as a separate tab or replacing the first view) that provides several functions:
    • Provides generic/global information about the instance like 'version', 'instance id', etc. 
    • Provides a summary of usage listing count of major entities (wikis, users, pages, extensions, etc.)
    • Lists demo content installed in the wiki
    • Provides a way for administrators to subscribe to the XWiki Community
  • In the future this section could also hold:
    • Display if there are upgrades and propose them
    • Propose Backups
    • Reset to defaults
    • Lists superadmin password or other global info
    • etc.



A. About Instance

  • Version: info needed when reporting bugs of when wanting to upgrade. This info is not really visible if the users customise the footer area
  • Instance ID: info needed when requesting extensions licenses
  • etc.


B. Stats Overview

  • Purpose: provide an image of the instance usage in terms of wikis, pages, users
  • Free and Payed apps are displayed separate in order to highlight how much free content there is available and to have a clear overview of the payed ones. Ideally the entries should be links that redirect to the indexes or administration areas for wikis, users, etc.
  • Kind of hard to compute the values because of:
    • isolated wikis (we could display this info additionally and if the case)
    • local/global users
    • visible/hidden pages (the numbers might be total or could depend on the user's type - depends if we want to provide a clear overview or be in coherence with the indexes)
    • application types need to be determined by their pom type. We need to make sure we provide there info in order to have accurate stats. 


C. Demo Content

  • An ideas would be to integrate these extensions as part of the Extension Manager. 
  • The problem with that is that they are listed here in order to have increase visibility. After the demo phase, users should remove the demo content and start fresh with their own. 
  • Another reason why this section could be separate from EM, could be that demo content could not necessarily be as a dependency for a particular application. Some demo content could affect multiple individual applications: for example, we could have pages, tags, users, settings as part of the "Mission to Mars" example which is cross apps.


D. Community Registration

  • A place for instance administrators to subscribe to the XWiki Community
  • It contains just the subscription since that's the only thing we can control. The unsubscribe should be done per client from the mails



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