Lightning Decision Jam: Easier Installation Flow (11.x)

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Things that are working

  • "Things that are working, we are happy about and we should not break"
  • Some notes [# count mentions]:
    • Some packages are easy to use [7]
      • Jetty package is easy to use for non technical users (Flavor included)
      • Debian = 1 line command (seems more technical)
      • Demo & Production variants
    •  We support multiple platforms and provide multiple install packages [6]
      • Debian install
      • Docker package
    • Installation Documentation [5]
      • Separated on user types
      • Available and findable through Google
    • We provide also options that don't require installation (Cloud, Playground) [2]
    • Release Notes are transparent and accessible [1]
    • I can find other / older versions [1]
    • Anonymous active install stats [1]
    • etc.

Capture Problems

  • "Challenges / problems we consider to be the most pertinent to solve"
  • Problems with votes [# count votes]:
    • Too many options to choose from (packages, versions, OS) [5]
    • Outdated documentation [3]
    • Incomplete documentation for some cases [3]
    • No download button in Release Notes [3]
    • Documentation too heavy [1]
    • Requires Java (install, hosting) [1]
    • Technical knowledge required [1]
    • Distribution Wizard it's too complex [1]
  • Other problems:
    • The size of the packages
    • Instructions only in english
    • Slow on initialising
    • Windows + long paths
    • Sometimes the server is down - installation errors
    • Console is scary
    • No guidance after landing on the home page
    • Many pieces to put together (dependencies: Java, Tomcat, MySQL)
    • etc.

Create solutions

  • Problem: Too many options (packages)
  • Challenge: How might we know what package we need to install?
  • "Create solutions for the challenge"
  • Solutions with votes [# count votes]:
    • Provide comparisons between packages (pros / cons, differences) [6]
    • Have a recommended package that is promoted [6]
    • Survey that asks the user simple questions about OS, demo/production, version, etc. [5]
    • Individual install page for each package [4]
    • More details for each package [4]
    • Auto detect user OS [4]
    • Provide install videos for each package [4]
    • etc.

Impact / Effort scale

  • "Position each solution on scale depending of its impact and implementation effort"
  • Check the scale quadrants. We are interested in top/left quadrant that contains solution with (High Impact / Low Effort). 

Actionable Steps

  • "Provide actionable steps towards testing the solution. Timeframe 1-2 weeks."
  • "Sweet Spot" solutions [2]:
    • Have a recommended package that is promoted
    • Provide a comparison between the packages

Extra Discussions

  • Other ideas discussed after the LDJ process:
    • Better promote the Debian & Docker flows
    • "Download" is a deprecated term. Move towards "Install" mentality.
    • Provide simple steps for people to install XWiki in a matter of minutes.
      • Example: list the command that adds the XWiki repository in the apt (ppa). Users should be able to Copy&Paste the installation steps and finish the process as fast as possible.
    • We should promote Debian and Cloud alternatives, instead of the current version. 
    • Think about a solution for Windows. 
    • Jetty is targeted towards developers and testers. 
    • We could move the Jetty packaging on the Try page.
    • Create a page that is a "Quick Install" guide (Cloud - online; Debian - on premises).


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