• Marta
    Marta, 2010/03/23 20:01

    I like the fat footer.

    Some random questions and suggestions:

    • Demo sounds a bit "business-y"... Couldn't it be named "Playground" (since I suppose it is the link to playground.xwiki.org anyway)?
    • The first group of links in the Documentation column is the only one without a title, and for this reason it looks a bit misplaced. As a quick fix, I'd move them to the bottom of the column, under the title "Miscellaneous" (or something like that).
    • Also in the Documentation column: in my opinion, the natural order (wrt the amount of knowledge) is: User's Guide, Admin's Guide, Dev's Guide.
    • In the Development column: I'm not sure "Playing with XWiki" is the right title for the second group, I'd go for something more serious here. 
    • General: I think the order of the topics should be consistent as much as possible in the menu and footer.
  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2010/03/24 07:28

    Stupid question: Why do we need such a footer if all these entries are available from the menus at the top?

    I feel it may make the page more heavy than it could be, especially on pages that have little content and where you see both the header and footer.

    I don't have a strong opinion right now but I'm just curious about the rationale for the fat footer.

    • Marta
      Marta, 2010/03/24 14:26

      It's like a constantly available site map. It helps the user discover the site, because it gives a good overview of the available information (here, you can see it all at once, while the upper menu can be explored one entry at a time). Also, normally it's not very intrusive, because such footers are supposed to appear in smaller print and lower contrast.

    • evalica
      evalica, 2010/03/25 11:42

      This footer is supposed to be only on the Main page. This way the user has a quick overview on the topics the website is covering. Please see

  • Ciprian Amaritei
    Ciprian Amaritei, 2010/04/15 22:43

    'Get involved' is the only menu item that ask the user to do something being the only verb (mm except download). It will be a nice idea to differentiate it somehow, or to find another place for it. Maybe a different color or bgcolor or as a subtle button and not a menu item.

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