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XWIKI-7783 Add hints for class properties in the class editor
XWIKI-6307 Add an explanation next to the fields in user profile
XWIKI-7715 Hard to understand which is the default value for Profile's Preferences entries (edit/view mode)
XWIKI-7718 Improve user profile's UI by using the vertical menu
XWIKI-7716 Use .xform style standard in the User Profile
XWIKI-7669 Minor alignment between Labels and content in User Profile Page



Role Selection

The role selection could happen:
- at the beginning of the Introductory wizard -> could influence also the Steps content making them role specific;
- at the end of the Introductory wizard.


- Changing the role will set the preferences to a certain value that correspond to the role;
- 'Custom' option will preserve the last user configuration (in order to let the user play with the role selector and preserve his entries) and will not depend of a certain role;
- Selecting 'Developer' role and then changing one of the preset preferences, will change the role to 'Custom...'.



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