Persona: Wiki Gardener


Roberto is an employee at MakeLoveNotWar LLC, a company dedicated to producing pillows of all looks and sizes. The company setup a wiki in order to build an internal encyclopaedia of materials used in the creation of pillows: wool, cotton, spandex... Roberto got pretty involved in the wiki project, even though he was never officially tasked to handle it.

Roberto knows quite a bit about various fabrics and he's often scouting the wiki to check for modifications and improvements. When he finds a page that seems to have been improperly modified, he checks the page's previous versions in order to assess whether he needs to reverse it to its previous state. He also deletes pages that are no longer relevant to MakeLoveNotWar LLC's activity. 


NeedsMatching FeaturesDetails
Keep documents tidyPage HistoryCompare 2 versions of a document
  Rollback to a previous version of a document
 ArchiveOld documents
  Old spaces
Organize content on the wikiRename documentsMake the rename also work in object content and parent fields
 Rename spaces 
 Drag & Drop index treeview 
 Delete documentsBatch document deletion
  Create an interface for the trashbin
 Delete a space 
 Orphaned pagesList them
 Create a navigationPanels


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2013/11/11 11:53

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