Persona: Wiki Developer


Irina is a software developer at RumbleRocksLLC, a SMB specialized in providing hight-tech hiking gear to hitchikers around the planet. Her company has decided to use a second-generation wiki to answer most of its internal needs when it comes to information management (from product specifications to employee holiday requests). 

Irina's management often comes up with new ideas about how their wiki could be used. 2 days ago, her CEO told her that it would be great if users could bookmark URLs easily, tag those URLs and then browse them in a tag cloud. Irina's management expects her to come up with an application that will match that need and make it available for wiki users to enjoy.

To write her code, Irina enjoys using her favorite IDE. However, she needs her IDE to adapt to the wiki's syntax and development languages. She also needs to have a way to commit her code to the wiki easily in order to let people try it out and ultimately deploy it in production.


NeedsMatching FeaturesDetails
Create applications in the wikiDevelopment interfacesXWiki API
  Scripting languages
  Query manager
 ToolsXEclipse RCP
  XEclipse Eclipse plugin
  Script macros in the WYSIWYG editor
  Object/Class editors + Extensions
Make applications easy to test and deployApplication ManagerApplication documents
  Application versions


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2013/11/11 11:53

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