Persona: Wiki Administrator


Adalbert works at Environment 2.0.1 LLC, a company dedicated to lowering the cost of using solar energy for personal use. He's fond of new technologies and he has read a lot about wiki and blogs. When people within the company started complaining about being unable to find the information they were looking for at the time they needed it, he felt the company was ripe for a wiki implementation.

Adalbert talked to Chuck, one of Environment 2.0.1 LLC's admins, in order to have Chuck setup a wiki for him on one of their servers. Chuck made adalbert a functional administrator on the wiki. In order to kick the wiki off the ground, Adalbert wants to import plenty of old data, primarily located in MS Word documents and powerpoint presentations. 

He starts by selecting a skin and changing the logo. Now that the wiki matches his company's colors, Adalbert starts adding content by turning a number of Word documents into wiki pages. He creates a number of spaces and imports the relevant documents in each space. Then he edits the wiki's homepage as well as spaces' homepages in order to put links towards the various pages. He also creates a panels listing the most important spaces.

Then Adalbert goes on by selecting and installing a number of applications that he thinks will be of interest to wiki users: a blog, a calendar and a task manager.

Once Adalbert is happy with the basic state of the wiki, he starts trying to get people in. To do so, he interfaces the wiki with his company's LDAP directory. Once users have been added to the wiki, he creates groups and assigns access rights to their members. 


NeedsMatching FeaturesDetails
Get people in the wikiRegister 
 CSV user import 
 Email user invitation 
 LDAP directory browser 
Define who can do whatGroups 
 User rights 
Get content in to get things startedBatch upload of MS Office files 
 Wiki importConfluence
Customize the wikiLook & FeelSelect a skin
  Change the logo
  Panel Wizard
 ApplicationsInstall an application
  Remove an application
  Archive an application
See what works and what doesn'tStatistics


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2013/11/11 11:53

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