Persona: System Administrator


Hubert is a system administrator at FerryBuildersInc, an industrial company focused on designing and delivering ferries and other kind of boats to shipowners. Hubert has been asked to take care and maintain the company's brand new corporate wiki. His main tasks include making sure that the wiki remains up and running at any time and answers fast to user requests. Hubert is also responsible for data backup and security: making sure that the wiki is not vulnerable to external threats. Hubert is also expected to upgrade the wiki regularly in order to make new features available to wiki users. He is also responsible for installing and managing the wiki's underlying components when those components are needed to provide a new feature.


NeedsMatching FeaturesDetails
Keep the wiki up and runningPerformanceMonitoring & diagnostic tools
 StabilityMonitoring & diagnostic tools
 SpeedMonitoring & diagnostic tools
Keep the wiki secureApply security patches 
Backup the wikiXAR Import / ExportMake sure it doesn't choke on files bigger than 10MB
 Fine-grained export interfacesSelect a set of pages to export
Upgrade the wiki to new versionsSyntax converter 
 Automated software update tool 
Install componentsComponent version manager 
 Online component download tool 


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2013/11/11 11:53

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