Proposed prioritized list

This is a tentative ordering that still needs to be validated

PriorityUse CaseDescriptionWorkloadLink
DONE5Layouting of the dashboard UC5
DONE6Configuration of the layout UC6
DONE7More layout features UC7
DONE1aIn Wysiwyg Editor, click Insert Macro, insert Dashboard, click ok, SaveUC1 
DONE8Editing a dashboard layout: Complex layouts should not have more than 1 day of impact on the implementation of that feature5 days for edit/save methodology
2d for inline mode
2d to add for editing in view mode
DONE4aAdding a element to the dashboard: basic directory2d UC4
DONE12remove a gadget from a dashboard1dUC12
DONE9Edit configuration of one element in the dashboard5d (including adding the config in the add process)UC9
HIGH1bClick "Add Dashboard To Page" in the Add menu2dUC1 
MEDIUM2Create a Dashboard page: Click "Add" / "Create Dashboard page"< 1dUC2 
MEDIUM10bImport Google gadget3dUC10
MEDIUM10aImport HTML gadget1dUC10
LOW11aShinding support: support JIRA gadgets for example10d-30dUC11
LOW3Create a Dashboard space
  Click "Add" / "Create Space"
LOW14personal dashboards for users UC14
LOW15expose XWiki macros as gadgets UC15
LOW4bAdding a element to the dashboard
 4b: very nice directory
LOW13Import Google gadget from google directory3dUC13
LOW11b Shinding support: expose xwiki features to gadgets
? has requirementsUC11

Use Cases

Use Case 1:    Add a Dashboard to an existing page

  1a:   In Wysiwyg Editor, click Insert Macro, insert Dashboard, click ok, Save
  1b:   Click "Add Dashboard To Page" in the Add menu: it automatically adds it at the end of the page 

Both approaches end up in "View" mode on the page with the dashboard

Use Case 2: Create a Dashboard page

  Click "Add" / "Create Dashboard page"

End up in view mode

Use Case 3: Create a Dashboard space

  Click "Add" / "Create Space"

 The space home page includes a dashboard

Use Case 4: Adding a element to the dashboard

 4a: basic directory
 4b: very nice directory

 Hover over the dashboard.
  An "Add" button appears
  A popup shows up with a directory of macros/gadgets
   (see design proposal)  
 Choice1: Element is add to the last column or to the column with the least elements
 Choice2: the elements appears in JS  in drag and drop mode and can be dropped in any column

Use Case 5: Layouting of the dashboard

 Dashboard is laid out with 2 or 3 fixed columns

Use Case 6: Configuration of the layout

  - choose number or columns

Use Case 7: LESS IMPORTANT: more layout features

  - different layout implementations
  - dashboard inside dashboards

NO MORE These features which already exist, should not have more than 1 day of impact on the implementation of other features (editing layout for example)

Use Case 8:  Editing a dashboard layout

  Have the possibility to edit using drag and drop 2 and 3 columns layout
  Drag an element and drop it in another place in the same or another column
  It could drag a placeholder or the real box

Use Case 9: edit configuration of one element in the dashboard

  Hover over the element
  And edit button appears
  Configuration can be edited
(see design proposal)

Use Case 10: adding a google gadget

   In the element directory you can choose "Import External Gadget"
   Multiple types of gadgets are proposed
     - HTML
     - Google Gadget
     - OpenSocial Gadget
  Lots of explanations are provided on how this works and what people can do with this. Some examples of web sites providing them are proposed

10a: import HTML Gadget
    Choose name
    Paste HTML/JS code
    Define params (optional) (for advanced users)
10b: import Google Gadget/OpenSocial
    Choose name
    Provide XML link
    Automatically parameters are created in the macro

Use Case 11: Shinding Support

Same as google gadget but might need opensocial backend support

   11a: support gadgets with shinding without social features (verified JIRA gadgets)
   11b: expose social XWiki features to gadgets using opensocial API (users/friends) -> requires the feature in xwiki

Use Case 12: remove a gadget from a dashboard

Use Case 13: add google gadget by browsing google directory

Use Case 14: implement personal dashboard

Use Case 15: expose xwiki macros as opensocial gadgets


Created by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2013/11/11 11:53

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