Personas: 6 types of XWiki Users

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Introducing 6 types of XWiki Users

This page aims at identifying the main types of XWiki users and at describing their needs and expectations. A real user can be a combination of multiple/all user types. 

Non-Technical Users


  • Find content
  • Read content
  • Follow what's happening on the wiki

Full description of the Reader

Content Editor

  • Add content
  • Edit content
  • Structure content
  • Encourage other people to work with them on wiki pages

Full description of the Content Editor

Wiki Gardener

  • Rollback documents
  • Move stuff around (pages, files)
  • Delete documents (pages, comments)

Full description of the Wiki Gardener

Technical Users

Wiki Administrator

  • Get people in the wiki
  • Define who can do what
  • Get content in the wiki to get things started
  • Customize the wiki

Full description of the Wiki Administrator

System Administrator

  • Keep the wiki up and running
  • Backup the wiki
  • Upgrade the wiki to new versions

Full description of the System Administrator

Wiki Developer

  • Create applications in the wiki
  • Test applications
  • Deploy applications on one or many wikis
  • Wiki Designer
    • Manage (create, edit, delete) visual components (skins, icons, etc) for the wiki

Full description of the Wiki Developer


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