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1 == 5927315DOC ==
3 Following are the noticeable importer defects resulting from [[attach:5927315.doc]]:
5 [[image:results.png]]
7 * **Some words are touching**: The resulting wiki page seems to have some words touching one another. This is because OO generates html fragments like the following:
9 {{code}}
10 <p>Hi There<em> How <em>are you?</p>
11 {{/code}}
13 {{html clean="false" wiki="true"}}
14 The text inside the <em> tag has leading and trailing spaces which has a purpose. This kind of html authoring is discouraged and our xhtml parser seems to strip them off.
16 * **Some images and associated links are not aligned properly**: This is because the original document uses two paragraphs with the right amount of spaces to align the images with the links (as opposed to using a table). And when the OO server generates the html output, those alignments are lost. We can verify this behaviour by saving the original document as html and opening it via a browser. Unfortunately we can't workaround this kind of problems.
17 <p/>
19 {{/html}}

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