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1 == 1622132XLS ==
3 Following are the noticeable importer defects resulting from [[attach:1622132.xls]]:
5 * **Cell content not aligned properly**: In the original document, numeric values in table cells are aligned to the right. But in the resulting wiki page it can be seen that all the cells are aligned to left. Further investigations revealed a possible bug where xwiki 2.0 syntax seems to disregard cell alignments as demonstrated with following code snippet:
7 {{code}}
8 (% width="250" %)
9 |11|12
10 |(% align="right" %)21|22
11 |31|32
12 {{/code}}
14 Ideally the (2,1) cell should be aligned to right, but this is not the case as it seems. A JIRA issue has been created [[here>>]]

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