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  • imported packages are meant to be used generally in scripts - not only python but e.g. in groovy as well (the goal is to load the python libraries in the classloader - then use them where you want)
  • example (since the pygments package is already in classloader - groovy will find it)
    this.getClass().getResource( '/pygments/\_\_init\_\_.py').text
  • as regards .egg files - the way is to tell EM that's it's actually a JAR and the JAR extension handler will register it,
  • it's already done in simillar way with "Pygments" python library
  • as regards whl files the way to handle it is to be investigated
  • package id convention
    • python packages don't follow maven like id convention: groupId:artifactId
    • the suggestion is to take package name as artifactId and to put some common prefix as groupId e.g. org.python

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